Hello Andrew

I know you to be a good man. A man of principle. Men and women can learn from you. 'Strength to your sword arm and honey in your heart.'

Below is a poem that points to the answer for men, women and those that were born in a different way. The answer, as it has been for eternity, lies within.

What others think, say or do to us is experienced, responded or reacted to, maybe ignored - each according to our inner wisdom.



Amid the myriad faces of impossibility

Within the thicket of my thoughts,

Drowning in a sea of certainty

And imprisoned by mesmerising memories.


In the blindness of beliefs

The opiate of opinions,

Jaundiced by judgements

And self-absorbed by knowledge …


On seeing into The Realm of Possibility

A priori to all the good, bad and indifferent,

Experiencing the liberation of not knowing

And creating a kinder way of living.


On awakening to Possibility

Freed from my accumulation,

Now Aware of the miraculous

And nurturing peace on Earth …

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I like the idea of connection, but I’m not convinced it has to be same sex then maybe across sexes. We need to connect with all to be able to deal with our future perils, of which I see social control as pretty low down in the totem pole compared to things like climate change, AI, nuclear war, and the loss of democracy.

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We all get to do good work my friend.

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