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Dear Andrew, I am of the notion that it is obvious that men, and women are very different biologically, but spiritually we are identical.

So where does the division between men and women come from?

I doubt it comes from our different biological makeup, and we are spiritually identical,so it can't be that.

So that leaves only our thinking, or put another way, the stories we make up about each other, our stories being a consequence of our thinking.

So what is wrong with having a story?

Simple answer is nothing! So long as we see that we have a story, and that the story does not have us.

So it all comes down to awareness that we think, that we have this fantastic gift of making up stories, and seeing that we do not have to get lost in them.

Seeing that we do not have to get lost in our stories "thinking" is the key to being in relationship with life "spirit".

It allows us to be in relationship with ourselves, and others, both men, and women.

It allows us to shed our fears, and be at peace with being vulnerable, or put another way just being authentic human beings.

Kind regards Eamonn Leonard.

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Beautifully expressed, Andrew. Just like Bert Hellinger saw it. And I also see it like that in my workshops and my individual work. The confusion is huge in our modern society, and we need to find a new language for the masculine and the feminine. I hope your ponderings are being read wide and far.

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Andrew, I think you are pointing your finger toward an important way of being. I love your contextual analysis of the problem and the naming of it - resonance, depleted resonance, coherence - all perfect descriptors. "Getting fixed" often happens because parents do not understand the temperaments of their children. Fundamentally, all persons need to appreciate everyone's varied sensitivities. Appreciate your exploring these topics in a well-needed new way! Look forward to your next edition.

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Hello Andrew

I experience resonating with most men I know and most resonating with me.

The same is equally true for the women I know.

And yes, there are exceptions.

Are not our personal beliefs, opinions and judgments projected onto others the only thing that stops resonance between individuals - men or women?

Warmly … John

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